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Brief History on Swiftlet Farming

The trade in edible birds’ nests began in China during the T’ang Dynasty (A.D. 618 – 907) when some of the royal merchants presented edible birds nests collected from Java to the emperor as a health delicacy.

Ever since then, edible birds nests have been regarded by Chinese as food for the emperor and came to be known as ‘liquid gold’ due to the great demand for this delicacy and its high market prices.

Before the 1950s, commercial quantities of edible birds’ nests could only be found in caves on the island of Borneo, the south-western part of Thailand, along the mountain ranges in Peninsular Malaysia and in the island of Java.

The practice of swiftlet farming – a production system of edible birds ‘nests dependant on preparing specifically designed and constructed buildings aimed at encouraging swiftlets to roost and nest – started in the island of Java in the 1950s.

To lure swiftlets into these specifically designed buildings, recorded vocalizations of swiftlets when they are calling for their mates and while roosting are repeatedly played from morning until night from special speakers and tweeters that are strategically positioned at certain corners of the buildings using purpose-build audio swiftlet systems.

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