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Physical Characteristics of Swiftlets

Swiftlets as generic bird group have the following descriptive characteristics. They are:

 (1) The length of swiftlets from head to tail-tip ranges from 9 to 13 cm while they weigh, on average, between 7 to 21 gms.  

(2) Swiftlets have superb eyesight and short beeks.

 (3) Swiftlets also have a very strong sense of acute smell and great hearing. 

(4) Swiftlets are colonial by nature and will tend to nest where other swiftlets nest.

 (5) Swiftlets have strong sensory capabilities and can easily sense predators and danger in and around their environment. 

(6) Swiftlets feed on small airborne insects which they catch in flight.

 (7) Swiftlets drink while they are flying they usually glide down from the sky and skim skillfully over the water surface, dipping their open bills and sip up a few drops. 

(8) All swiftlets have short legs and tiny feet with sharp, curved claws they cannot perch, but they are able to cling to vertical surfaces such as cliffs and cave walls as wells as specially prepared nesting planks within swiftlet farms that serve as roosting sites.

 (9) Swiftlets can fly much faster than most average birds, and on average, they comfortable fly at speeds of 80 to 100 mph. 

(10) Swiftlets require a width dimension of 5 feet to 7 feet in order for them to properly turn in flight.

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