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Edible bird nest - Aerodramus Maximus Sub-Species

 The sub-species of swiftlets in the Aerodramus Maximus family produce black edible birdsí nests.

The Aerodramus Maximus sub-species of swiftlets can only be found in Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Brunei.

The Aerodramus Maximus swiftlets have black feathers at their backs and wings while the underside of their bodies has soft feathers that are black in color. When in flight, their tails are shaped in the form of a two fingers being held closely together.

The male and female Aerodramus Maximus swiftlets regurgitate long short, thin gelatinous strands from their salivary glands under their tongues which are then mixed with leaves and feathers and wound into a half-cup nest which bonds to the inside of a cave wall.

The nests appear to be either dark or black in colour.

The nests produced by the Aerodramus Maximus swiftlets are not as valuable as the nests produced by the Aerodramus Fuciphagus swiftlets as these black nests are made up of around 45 to 55 percent saliva of the swiftlets while the remaining 45 to 55 percent of the nests is made up of small dried leaves and feathers.

As a rule of thumb, 1 kg of black nests is only worth about 17 to 22 percent the price of 1kg of white nests.

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