Swiftlet Sounds Collection for Bird House Success

Swiftlet Farming Aerodramus Fuciphagus Swiftlets

Since white edible birds nests are the most valuable types of nests in the world, 95% commercial swiftlet farming activities in the ASEAN region are geared towards attracting the Aerodramus Fuciphagus swiftlets.

Swiftlets cannot be captured and caged like how chickens, ducks, cows, pigs and other livestock are bred. Swiftlets are by nature, foraging-type birds, that is, swiftlets naturally need to fly away from their homes to look for food. Swiftlets cannot be forced-fed by the swiftlet farmer.

Any swiftlets that are captured and caged will be too traumatized to make their nests and will lose their abilities to breed and reproduce and subsequently die.

Swiftlets are also very colonial in nature that is, swiftlets only mix around with their own sub-species and are always in flight together.

Therefore, since swiftlets are colonial type creatures and have great sensory abilities to sense danger as well as have a natural need to forage outside their homes for food, swiftlet farming takes the form of playing swiftlet mating and reproduction sounds both inside and outside the swiftlet farm in order to attract the flying swiftlets into the swiftlet farm to search for other swiftlets and find mates.

After having subtly encouraged the swiftlets to explore within the swiftlet farm, the swiftlets will naturally gauge the internal environment of the farm. Should the environment within the farm prove similar to their natural habitat, the swiftlets will later fly back together with their colony and adopt the farm as their new home and make their nests there.

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