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Reproduction cycle of swiftlets

A swiftlet hatchling that is 8 months old is ready to find a mate, locate a suitable and safe home to build a nest and reproduce.

Once the pair of swiftlets begins to build their nest, it will take around 30 to 32 days for the nest to reach a sufficient size to hold the eggs of the swiftlets.

From then on, another 8 to 11 days may be needed before the first egg is laid. After that, it will take a further 1 to 3 days for another egg is laid.

22 to 28 days later, the incubated eggs will hatch.

In total, the female swiftlet mostly lays 2 eggs during reproduction.

However about 70% of the time, only 1 egg will remain to hatch as the other egg is often accidentally ejected by the swiftlets due to the smallness of the nest which sometimes cannot accommodate 2 eggs.

If the nest is removed before the eggs are laid, the swiftlets immediately begin rebuilding a replacement nest on the same spot, and at a quicker time.

However, the subsequent nest is of a lesser quality due to the strain placed on the swiftlet pair to rebuild their nest in such a short space of time in order to reproduce.

47 to 51 days after the hatching, the baby swiftlets will be strong enough to leave the nest and find their way in the world, and after 7 months, these hatchlings will find their mate to breed and reproduce.

Around a week after the hatchlings leave the nest, the swiftlet pair will start the process of nest building all over again to prepare for the subsequent reproduction cycle.

On average, each swiftlet pair builds nests and breeds around 3 times a year.

Summary of breeding and nest collection:

30 to 32 days (4 weeks) Nest building

Next 8 to 14 days (1 to 2 weeks) Laying of eggs Next 22 to 28 days (3 to 4 weeks) Incubating of eggs

Next 47 to 51 days (6 to 7 weeks) Baby swiftlets will leave the nest

Next 7 days (1 week) Swiftlet pair rests

Next 30 to 32 days (4 weeks) Nest building restarts.

Feeding Frequency of Baby Swiftlets :- Adult swiftlets do not feed their young regularly on average, the young get fed once during the day and once during the night.

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